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Transformational Change

Who Can Lead Hot Springs?

Learning to lead ourselves is essential if we are leading others.  You can't lead others where you have not yet gone.

Before you can develop the leaders around you, you first have to develop the leader within. Leaders add value to others, and inspire others to join them on the leadership journey - so together than can achieve significance.  

Leading yourself is the preparatory step to effectively leading and influencing others.

With over 50% of all marriages ending in divorce in America, it is apparent families are failing to lead themselves.  When husbands and wives are effectively leading themselves, they can add value to each other, and the family unit is strengthened.  

When parents are effectively leading themselves, they become role models their children can emulate.  As children see their parents being "others-centered" in the way they live their lives, encouraging and inspiring those around them, these quality traits are cultivated within their own lives.

You're never too young to learn to lead, and children begin to lead others from an early age.  As they are exposed to the qualities of effective leadership and are presented with opportunities to develop these character traits in their own lives, they become role models for their peers.

If our youth learn to effectively lead themselves at an early age, how much more successful will they be in every area of their lives?   

Leadership expert, John Maxwell, says, "Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less."   Our community churches serve as a beacon of hope, and serve as the moral compass for the City.  The Great Commission  is a call to leadership.   Go, teach, make disciples.  

As churches lead out in their community, the needs of the unfortunate and hurting are met, lives are changed, and hope is shared with the hopeless.  
Business Owners

Business owners are leaders, leading their employees and serving their customers.  Those who lead best experience the most success in their business.  

You don't need a title to be a leader, and you can lead from anywhere within an organization.  Leaders are people developers, and as the individuals on the Team are developed and experience personal growth, the Team sees more success and the business prospers.  
Volunteer Organizations

Volunteer organizations make our community better.  They provide outreach, support and resources to those less fortunate.  Volunteer organizations that embrace leadership can not only meet the immediate needs of others, but begin to mentor them so they can turn their situation around and experience a better outcome in life.
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