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Who Is Leading Hot Springs?
Leading themselves
Leading their spouses & children
School Districts
Leading their teachers & students
Leading their staff & congregations
Business Owners
Leading their employees & customers
Volunteer Organizations
Leading those they serve in community
Everything Rises and Falls On Leadership
Dr. John C. Maxwell - Leadership Expert

Leadership guru John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” I Lead Hot Springs is a community-wide initiative to learn to lead ourselves well, so that by our example others will do likewise.  If we can learn to lead ourselves well, we can better lead our families, and lead in our community. Teaching leadership in our schools equips young lives to achieve not only success, but significance as they learn to choose leadership as a lifestyle. Raising the leadership level in our businesses, churches and volunteer organizations brings groups of people together toward a common cause and improve both individual and corporate results. To learn more about I Lead Hot Springs, and the resources we have available to teach leadership (and train others to do likewise), please visit Facebook page or reach out to us by phone, email or Facebook Messenger.  

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